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Fishing Questions


Fishing Questions is a community website for fishing enthusiasts to ask, answer questions and share articles, reviews, catch reports and photos.

The website is split into two different sections;

Fishing Questions
Fishing Questions is for asking and answering fishing related questions only.

Fishing Posts
Fishing Posts is for sharing articles, reviews, catch reports and photos only.

Both sections share the same account information but, each has separate profile pages, favourites and points system. You only need to register with one of the sections to have an account on both.

Fishing Questions Overview
For posting fishing related questions. Other members can answer, vote and comment on your question. Once you have an answer your happy with select it as the best answer and close the question so no other answers can be posted. You gain points for posting a question or answer, receiving an up vote and having your answer selected as best. You will also lose points if you receive a down vote on a question or answer. The points system is a way to roughly measure the trust within the community, more on points later.

Fishing Posts Overview
For posting fishing related articles, reviews, catch reports or photos. Other members can leave thanks and comments on your post. You gain points for posting and receiving thanks from other members.

NOTE: Fishing Questions & Fishing Posts have separate points systems.

Points System
Points are awarded for completing certain tasks throughout the website such as posting questions, answers, articles, reviews, catch reports and photos. You will also gain points for receiving up votes, best answers and thanks from other members. You can lose points for receiving down votes from other members. These points serve as a rough measure of the community trust in that person.

Points table for Fishing Questions

Posting a question:

+ 40

Selecting a best answer for your question:

+ 30

Each up vote on your question:

+ 10

Limit for up votes on each question:

+ 100

Posting an answer:

+ 40

Having your answer selected as the best:

+ 30

Each up vote on your answer:

+ 20

Limit for up votes on each answer:

+ 200

Voting up a question:

+ 10

Voting up an answer:

+ 10

Register bonus points:

+ 100

Points table for Fishing Posts

Submitting a post

+ 100

Each thanks on your post

+ 10

Limit for thanks on each post

+ 1000

Thanking a post

+ 20

Register bonus points:

+ 100

Member Titles
Once you have gained a certain amount of points your level and title will change on your profile pages.

Level 1 – Small Fry

+ 0

Level 2 - Youngling

+ 1,000

Level 3 – Fluff Chucker

+ 5,000

Level 4 – Beach Caster

+ 10,000

Level 5 – Speci Hunter

+ 20,000

Level 6 – Trophy Horder

+ 50,000

Master Level – Lake Legend

+ 100,000

Fishing Questions & Fishing Posts have separate points & title systems so, contributing on Fishing Posts will not gain points on Fishing Questions and vice versa.

You can keep track of a particular question, post, user, category or tag. Click the star at the top of the page to add it to your favourites. Each time there is new activity you will receive an email alert.  Again each section of the website has separate systems for favourites.

Badges (Fishing Questions only)
As you participate on the website you will be awarded badges of 3 different levels bronze, silver and gold. These are given out as you complete certain tasks such as, upload a profile photo, getting a certain amount of views on your questions, visiting the website regularly e.t.c Click Here to see a the complete list of available badges and how to get them.

Bronze Badges; Awarded for participation on a basic level. They are relatively easy to earn if you participate.
Silver Badges; Awarded for extended participation. They are an accomplishment, and a sign of genuine participation.
Gold Badges; Awarded for extraordinary participation. Only long-term participation can earn you these. They are a sign of a truly valuable contribution!

Polls (Fishing Questions only)
Polls are now available when posting a question. ​When you post a question you can also create a poll where users can vote on whatever choices you set.

Is the Angling Technics Microcat MkII worth the money?
1. Yes
2. No

Which Bivvy should I buy?
1.Chub Super Cyfish Bivvy
2.Chub Vizor 1 Man Bivvy
3 Fox Supa Brolley System

What's the fishing at Creedy Lakes, Devon like?
1. Excellent
2. Average
3. Bad

If you need help or there’s something you don’t understand contact me I’m always happy to help :)