Lots of venues are imposing a minimum 12/15LB breaking strain line because they have big fish in them. As a carp dragging light line is dangerous to their stock. Do you think this is right or do you think the managers/owners are playing too safe to protect their stock.

Also do you think the smallest increase of diameter changes to your main line are a huge hindrance?


I can see problems with this move, we have already spoken about the inexperience or organised Anglers already but what is stopping these unorganised Anglers from using ”cloths line” well over that BS just to feel safe, nothing in my opinion, how often do we see the ones”all the gear, no idea” trying to look as though they know what they are doing, we all see them on every water, unless the venue is run by hardcore Carp anglers who care for the stock this rule will not so much protect the stock but could damage it more.

i can see the point in what is being done but i do wonder if this rule will not be enforced as it should be, i lost count at how many carp anglers use barbed hooks on barbless waters, pile in loads of ground bait yet it states ”no groundbait” so what is stopping them from just saying who cares i use what i want, now don’t get me wrong the seasoned pros of our game know better but here i am making the point of the not so seasoned and there are many of them now and i know they will not be bothered and just use line that can tow a truck, there is no need for such big BS lines if you play the fish right, i see some cranking like mad when they get a take, no playing the fish at all and people wonder about Carp with no mouths, it’s a wonder they have a head, it makes me so mad when i see that and i just feel this will allow the lunatics to take over the banks.

Seasoned Anglers know how to go about catching fish in the correct manner, using the right gear, line, hooks and so on, it is what is learned over the years but allowing unseasoned to use strong line will lead to more problems than ever, will it safe guard the stock, it will to a point but more notice should be taken of the Anglers rather than the line i would say.

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