I’ve been using a Drennen tench float rod and a Shimano fight & drag reel as my go to float fishing set up for many years. I’ve used this highly flexible set up with a great deal of success over the years and its landed many of my pb’s including a 26lb Common and a 12lb 8oz tench.

But like all things I’m thinking it’s maybe time to stop being so sentimental and upgrade – and maybe I could do better 20 years on from when I bought this kit.


I guess it very much depends on the style of fishing you go for (OK, and budget too).

I suspect you tend to go for a more general approach rather than a “specimen hunter” but you do hit lumps every now and again? If this is so you are much like me, and I was in a similar position a couple of years back. I had a hand made carp rod from back when I was a kid (one of the first carbon rods owned by somebody in my local club) – over 30 years of fishing with it I have caught all sorts. Then couple of winters back it finally developed a permanent curve in the blank thanks to a 20lb pike!

I was gutted but decided to shop around for a replacement. One day I randomly saw an advert for a John Wilson Avon Quiver at the local Go Outdoors – £40.00 and looked/felt like something way more expensive so thought I’ll buy it for Tench/Barbel fishing in the summer whilst I find “the perfect big fish rod”.

It is now my primary stick – it’s taken carp to 24lb and handled them as well as (if not better) my brothers Sonix SK4’s, yet it is light enough for canal roach of a couple of ounces!!

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