Finding a very good swim, where you catch plenty of fish and then finding yourself heading to it time after time.regardless. Do you get into a rut with your fishing or do you carry on trying new swims and venues.


For me, it pays to know your venue, if it is a canal then there are certain areas that will fish better than others, it could be for any number of facts but if the fish seem to like it there then you will not be going any where else so you stick to that spot.

Rivers are a different thing, fish will hold up in areas at different times of year so if you just fish one spot all the time you will find it hard going, you have to be mobile and search other areas.

Still waters, with the fish not having the freedom of the Rivers or even canals, you are most likely to find they will be in the ”hot spot” at some point during the session so it is wise to keep to that one area.

Although i have not answered the question in the way it is asked i feel it is the way many go about there fishing today and as a result choose to fish the same venues or swims all the time, is it a good thing?…i don’t think so but with so many factors to take into account these days it is the way it is done by many now.

For me, i will fish the venues i know well and seldom go to new ones these days, knowing a venue well is the main thing in catching fish however i would always take up a challenge of a new venue if that option was there to take, so it is how you feel about your fishing that counts most, some will travel many miles to take on a new venue wile others will stick to the tried and tested venues.

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