Just done a quick internet search on any scientific evidence to this problem and found none. Some excellent debates on various websites on this subject. From what I can gather from other anglers there are a combination of factors for this, barbed/barbless hooks, to powerful test curve rods not suitable for the venue, excessive heavy line when not needed, Braid line, birth defects! (Not sure on that one) Bullying tactics from the angler who does not know how to play the fish. While this is not so much as a question as to an observation, the reason I have written this short piece is that I came across an article in “Goat World” I kid you not (pun intended) that Goats develop and horses too, a thing called “Carp Mouth” which is the same as “Parrot Mouth” How peculiar? Thought I would share this bit of useless information with you, and sorry you will never get that five minutes of your life back in reading this! Ha Ha


I have already given what i think causes this problem in another post, it is a age old problem and one that is getting worse, i believe it is through the increase in carp Anglers and there lack of knowlegde on how to play the fish right, you can not just pick a rod up and fish without learning a few things first and i don’t think some of these new to carp fishing have learnt anything because they see these videos and think that is easy i will do that, what they see is a seasoned pro doing it the right way, they will have no idea how to play a carp, once they get a take it will be…oh i have one look….and start to crank like mad, tighten the clutch right up, you name it and i bet they do it because they have learnt nothing…..the old saying”all the gear, no idea” comes to mind and i feel using line that can tow a car round will only lead to more damage.

I use 6lb BS,as you know i pole fish but i have caught carp over 20lb on my pole with such line, ok so not a 30lb plus but the waters i fish don’t house such carp so a 6lb main is all you need but some use 15lb plus for carp of this size,is that right?…i don’t think so, no need for such big lines to be used but i would if the carp went to 25lb plus use a stronger line and not a pole either, i am not that silly,,well….but the point i am making, i believe it is more to do with the way some play the fish or don’t for that matter, that causes these problems.

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