I was wondering if some of the more experienced pole fishers could help me out here.
I read that some people talk about using their floats dotted right down, but others talk of leaving a bit showing.I have 4 questions.
1) does it depend on type of tip i.e. solid or hollow?
2) does it depend on time of year, summer or winter?
3) is it purely personal choice?
4) or does target species decide?
Hope this makes sense


The idea behind dotted down is so you can detect bites more quickly, the weather plays a big part in choosing what you do with your pole float, if it is a nice calm day then dot it down so only the tip is showing on the surface but this is of no use if it is choppy waters, you need to see the float tip.
Tips solid or hollow, a solid tip being heavier will show up bites more easy, a hollow tip being lighter and with air in the tip will fight to come back to the surface so the takes are not so positive, one reason you will see hollow tip floats bobbing around much more than solid ones.

Time of year, yes this is a factor,Summer fishing is very different to Winter so you need to choose your pole floats better,Summer time fishing, i would use a hollow tip float because the fish are up in the water more and these tips will be best suited to that,Solid tips would sit lower or take less weight over all, you would have to choose a bigger body float to compensate that problem and that is not such a good idea if fishing up in the water.

Personal choice, yes very much so, many will have a totally different way of looking at this and bring in all kinds of scientific reasons and yes they would be right but most of that is so trivial it is not worth mentioning in my books, so what ever answers you get it is all based on personal preferences but the over all facts are the same, it is just the shotting patterns and so on that differ, the float tips remain the same.

Target Species, yes, some as you know are very shy biters others will just grab and run, knowing what species do this is important in using the right float tip, shy biters need a very sensitive set up, others need not so much of one.

All i have said is only my way of looking at this problem and in no way am i saying i know best (if only) but many think in the same way on this subject although many go into this in more detail.

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