Question: What all in one seafood fishing knife is perfect for the toolbox

“I often wonder what type of tool set I should have to prepare seafood in general. Is there any all in one knife set to prepare the vast array of seafood you can find up and down the the country. Personally I am finding it really perplexing that I need such a huge toolkit for the kitchen and I am looking for perhaps the standout knife that will give me more than one function in the kitchen such as a fillet knife that doubles up as a knife for cutting Sashimi for example, can you help me with the all in one kitchen knife that’s the perfect accompaniment to any toolbox for the kitchen, professional or hobbyist alike.”

Answer: the best fishing knife for your toolbox at home or in a professional kitchen

This is a tricky question. The perfect fishing knife should be able to fillet, cut sashimi, go through bone when it’s a must, makes for a really difficult equation but we are going to take a look at a couple of cracking all round fishing knives and perhaps a small fish knife set that will get the job done. It’s quite interesting how many disciplines you need to master in order that the whole spectrum of seafood can be handled with skills and professionalism.

Fish Fillet Knives in the toolbox

Personally as a go to knife for seafood and fish in general is the fish filleting knife is the go to piece of kit for any budding seafood hobbyist or chef. It’s the professionals choice for a vast array of important cutting processes in the kitchen. If I had to pick any one of the knives to place in my toolbox then it would be this knife. It’s absolutely vital to have a sharp filleting knife when handling both seafood and shellfish. You can’t deal with a scallop for example without one of these beautiful knives and at the same time fish cutting just won’t work without a fish filleting knife.

Sushi Knife is an amazing piece of kit

If there’s another tool that I’d love to recommend it would be the Sashimi/ Sushi knife. This beautiful knife will turn you into a complete professional when it comes to preparing your seafood raw. One tool that you really need with this is the tweezers to remove any bones. You really do not want to dull this fish knife with a bone as some Japanese chefs will literally spend hours sharpening their knife kit which would be heartbreaking to then go and cut through bone which will undo hours of quality work.

Conclusion – fillet knife is the ultimate fish knife

You really can’t go wrong with the boning and cutting fish fillet knife. It’s generally the right piece of kit for so many applications in a kitchen preparing fish that you would do much better to spend a good chunk of money on this knife and then use it for a multiple purposes than buying a cheaper all round set. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this write up on fish knives and if you have any suggestions that might help us improve this write up then please do feel free to leave your fishy comments below

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