Depends what you want to catch, where and what grounds you are going to fish and your budget. If you have some course fishing gear, then you could use a lot of the gear for sea fishing float fishing, lure/ spinning, light ledgering and even fly fishing. If you are just starting sea fishing there are some great combo package deals with basic gear to get you up and running from the shore, again depends on your budget, have you used a multiplier reel, if not then a fixed spool reel will be more user friendly to start with from the shore, a 12-14 foot beach caster ringed for fixed spool rod which you would/ should get in a combo. Spool of 15 lb BS line and a shock leader of at least 60lb BS, to take the shock out of casting a 5-6 oz lead weight with grips. You need to hold your bait on the bottom of the sea bed in tides. Some swivels and lead clips and a quick release clip system to re bait quickly. Some made up rigs, with hooks or you can make them yourself. You are going to need a rod rest, an adjustable tripod are the best, you don’t want your new rod lying down on ground while you bait up and do not want to holding your rod all day. Last but not least some fresh bait.

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