I am new to pole fishing and have bought an 11m Avanti pole but when it’s at 11m it’s got a very large bend in the pole and weighs a ton, what’s a good starter pole that’s nice and light without breaking the bank? I don’t want to spend over £200 but want something that I don’t need arms like Arnie to hold.


Always a problem when starting out in pole fishing, with a budget of £200 you should get a nice pole to start off with only down side it will be a margin pole so will weigh heavy,Match poles are lighter but more expensive, you local tackle shop might help you out so worth a visit but i would look on E-bay, some very good bargains on there now but the length of pole will be around 11 meters at this end of the money scale and many will not be much lighter than 1,000 grammes and could go to 1300 or so, the one i like is the Maver Blue Vega, it is 11 meters and is rated to a number 20+ with the elastic, weighs in at 976g so thats about as light as you will get and at under £100 on E-bay…i would take a look and see what you think.

Try this link to a pole compare site, should give you a few ideas but remember they are E-bay based.

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