Admittedly more of a winter bait (maybe) but I’ve seen a fair bit in the press about using dead maggots, but never seen an explanation of how to do it!


The best way to kill maggots by boiling water is this…riddle your maggots off, they should be clean first, you then put them into a bait tub and add cold water, enough to cover them all, you them boil a kettle and add the water a little at a time, do not just pour the water on to them but spread it out making sure you cover all the maggots, stir them around a little to help this, you will find the maggots will move quick then start to die off, once they have stopped moving you then remove them from the water, use your maggot riddle to strain them off, thats the best way of killing maggots by boiling water…this will stop them stretching and loosing colour.

Freezing them is another good way and one used by many but again you have to make sure they are clean, this method is best used if you have a few pints or bulk that need killing, if you only want a hand full or a tub full then boiling is the best option in my opinion, remember once frozen i would not refreeze again because dead maggots goes off very quickly and start to smell and go black in colour.

Some even roll the maggot in the palms of there hands to kill them, obviously only a few at a time can be killed this way and you need to be careful or you just squash them but again it does work and this way is best used if you just want to try them out as a alternative way of presentation.

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