Can anyone anyone recommend a pair of winter wellies? Open

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Im after a decent pair of wellies that will keep my feet warm. Im currently wearing standard cheap wellies with neoprene socks inside but they just arent cutting it. Anyone using derri wellies? They have a fleece lining it seems. Wondering if anyone uses or has a similar pair and are willing to pass on their experience. I fish in snow and ice so need a decent pair. I like to keep everything basic and cheap but have decided im happy to upgrade now as one day im gonna lose a toe to frostbite lol.

asked Nov 24, 2013 in General Equipment by dorris1988 (5,879 points)

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I have a pair of Skeetexs for when its really cold but for more general use I use neoprene wellies made by Buckler, they are far warmer than rubber ones and are still easy to walk in. Moonboot type (like Skeetex) are not much fun if you need to walk far.

answered Nov 24, 2013 by +Cookinandcarpin (55,399 points)
LOL, Moon boots, could never work out what was left or right, i am sure i was sold two left boot or maybe two right, but agree did keep your feet warm if you did not have to walk too far.
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To be honest about it, most of the Fleece lined wellies will keep your feet warm. And there is the rub. Your feet need to be warm to start with. Fleece lined wellies retain the heat, as do most of the purpose made socks. They do not generate heat, so if you start with cold feet, you are going to have cold feet all day unless you walk about for a bit and generate some heat into your feet. A lot of people blame their wellies for their cold feet, when in fact the blame lies in their circulation.

answered Nov 24, 2013 by Kevin O'Connor (13,409 points)
I always have warm feet when i get my wellies on. I also walk for a few minutes to get the blood circulating. I just need something thats gonna keep the heat in for longer and more effectively.
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I would not be wearing wellies in snow and ice, seek out some Gortex walking /climbing boot for a better foothold grip and breathable socks with a thin pair of cotton socks layers, they do waterproof garters as well which will keep out most of the snow, alway take spares socks, if your feet sweat a lot from walking this is when your feet will get cold from wet socks.

answered Nov 24, 2013 by +Codfathers (92,479 points)
Yeah i was thinking going down that route. But the lake i fish mainly has low water levels alot and when i have to net a fish i have to get into the lake up to ankle height to net the fish safely. I was almost knee deep landing todays mid 20 haha.
Glad you landed that mid twenty doriss1988, sounds like you need some waders,let alone wellies. Well take care in that lake, all the best, hope you find what your looking for.
Ive been trying to upload a photo of it. Was a lovely fish. Im still grinning about it now :-D
Would be nice to see that, i bet you are :-).


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